Northstar ' s El Uno ( euro import champion lines )

Sire : Bullforce Scarface

Dame: Northstar champion roxy 

Fee: $1500

 Bullplanet's Slick  Rick (imported from bullplanet kennels in Holland )

Sire: Albion's zues of bullforce 

Dame: Bullplanet's Grace Kelley

productions : Nsk Gr Ch Lazarus - Nsk ukc ch truth of blessed bulldogs- nsk ch Garbo of boss baba bullies

Fee: $2500

Northstar's Hitman (RIP)

Sire : Northstar's el uno 

Dame: Bullforce Miss Texas 

He is the only double bred scarface male in north America !!! 

Fee: 2k

IMG_2904 (1).JPG
Northstars hoss .... he is a  el uno son

Northstar's Bonanza Aka Hoss   

Northstar's uno x Blacklines Cali 


Northstar's  Grand Champion Lazarus 

Northstar  Champion  Prada x Bullplanet Slick Rick  Fee  2k.

2019 #3 olde bulldog in the Usa 

15 Best f Breeds 

4 Best in Shows 

2019 Nationals Reserve Winner